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Two thirds of orthotic users dissatisfied with their insoles

Everyday life involves standing, walking, running or for some, taken part in even more strenuous activities – which puts enormous strain on our feet.  It is therefore vitally important to not only invest in the right type of shoes but also the insoles.  A recent study conducted by Podfo Ltd which surveyed 645 people aged between 35 and 65 years old, revealed that a staggering 70% of users are unhappy with their current insoles. The research sought to investigate which key factors contributed most to customer dissatisfaction, and identified the following main causes:

They wear out too quickly
They are difficult to keep fresh
They are too bulky for shoes
They are difficult to keep clean
They are uncomfortable to wear
They don’t support natural movement during physical activities

*Please note, reasons are ranked in order of popularity

At Podfo, we believe that you should invest in your health, especially when it comes to caring for your feet, and that’s why we designed and developed our biometric bespoke insoles. Combining innovative technology and biomechanical expertise, our orthotics can be used as part of a medically recommended treatment plan to provide corrective foot control, while supporting natural movement. Designed to meet your individual needs, Podfo provides a solution for each of these common insole problems.

Problem: My insoles wear out too quickly
Solution: Podfo biometric bespoke insoles are made to last 25 back to back ultra-marathons, providing you with a consistent level of support!

Problem: My insoles are difficult to keep fresh
Solution: Unlike other insoles, Podfo can be placed in your dishwasher to help destroy the bacteria that causes stale-smelling insoles.

Problem: My insoles are too bulky
Solution: Podfo are unique in that they are designed for the closet fit to your foot. Their light weight and slim fit will fit in most shoes, without compromising on comfort.

Problem: My insoles are difficult to keep clean
Solution: Podfo are made from incredibly durable material and can be washed regularly in temperatures as high as 60°C without any deterioration in their form.

Problem: My insoles are uncomfortable to wear
Solution: At Podfo we understand no pair of feet are the same, that’s why our orthotics are tailored to your feet using a cast or scan. Our bespoke insoles provide a level of care unrivalled by custom or off the shelf insoles.

Problem: My insoles don’t support my natural movement during physical activities
Solution: Podfo is made from our exclusive innovative GHOST technology (Geometric Hole Orthotic Support Technology). This allows varying degrees of flexibility during gait, influencing the force and centre of pressure during movement. This allows you to embrace natural movement with full foot support during activities.

If you’re one of the 70% of current orthotics users unhappy with their insoles, Podfo has the answer. Local athlete and regular insole wearer Jacqueline Etherington has testified to the power of Podfo: “I compete in tough weather conditions and run across difficult terrain. My Podfo running insoles are always up to the challenge.  Highly durable and waterproof the support they provide is never compromised.” Click here to read Jacqueline’s story.

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