A common concern you might have when choosing insoles is whether or not they are hygienic and easy to clean. This is especially true if you get your insoles and trainers muddy, dirty, or otherwise subject them to a hard workout time and time again, such as during fell running, extreme sports, or if you’re a semi or professional sportsperson.

My orthotic insoles smell

The average pair of feet contain around 250,000 sweat glands, and produce over half a pint of moisture a day. Once this moisture mingles with bacteria, your feet will begin to smell which will be hard for you and others around you to ignore.

Keeping good personal hygiene and your insoles clean can prevent this from happening. However, off the shelf or custom insoles can be notoriously difficult to clean and maintain.  Many are made from materials which cannot tolerate the high levels of heat or chemicals that are required to kill bacteria, others are made from materials that, instead of being waterproof, actually hold moisture.

This can mean that keeping them clean can be difficult and labour intensive, requiring frequent gentle care.  Despite any concerted personal hygiene effort, without the ability to wash your insoles effectively, they are going to smell, its normal, but it’s not what most active people want to tolerate.  Depending on the materials used in insole construction and the frequency of which they are worn, this could happen very quickly, or after a period of many months.

Podfo’s waterproof nature ensures that they don’t hold moisture and because of its Geometric Hole Orthotic Support Technology (GHOST), residual moisture is drained away from the foot.

Can I wash my insoles?

Because of the nature of their construction and the materials used, many traditional insoles cannot be easily washed at the temperatures which prevent bacteria from thriving.  That’s where Podfo is different.

Made from incredibly durable material, Podfo can be washed in temperatures as high as 60°C to ensure that bacteria cannot thrive without any deterioration in their shape or form. They can even be placed in your dishwasher and survive multiple washes without degradation in their performance.  Many custom made  insoles simply cannot stand up to this type of harsh cleansing.

For the hygiene conscious buyer, being able to wash your insoles can make the difference between being embarrassed to wear your insoles in public situations and wearing them with confidence in any situation.

How to clean orthotic insoles

Podfo are waterproof and very easy to care for. Provided that you don’t mistreat them, you can wear Podfo to conquer the highest mountain.

Podfo can be simply washed with a nonabrasive cloth in warm soapy water.  Alternatively, unlike most other orthotics, Podfo can be placed safely in your dishwasher at temperatures as high as 60°C without any impact to their share or form.  This helps to ensure bacterial can’t thrive.

So as well as being the best fit to your foot, Podfo can be easily cleaned, making them the hygienic insole choice.