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How to pace yourself when running

Have you taken up running in 2019? Make sure you stay injury free!

New to running? How you train can place huge strain on your body leading to injury. Read here about how you can pace yourself to remain pain free.

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Should my insoles hurt?

Your insoles shouldn't cause you pain for any extended period of time. If they do, read on to see how PODFO can help.

Poorly fitting off-the-shelf insoles can sometimes cause further pain rather than alleviating it. See why this is sometimes the case, and how PODFO can help.

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The Importance of sports insoles in Golf

Podfo bespoke biometric insoles can be used to help aid recovery and treatment of a number of golf related medical conditions.

Podfo can help conditions which playing golf can aggravate. From Pes Planus to Osteoarthritis, find out how the biometric bespoke insole can help.

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Ways to relieve Plantar fasciitis pain

Plantar fasciitis can be a painful ailment, but there are many at-home remedies which can help manage the pain it causes

When the heel is placed under intense or repetitive stress the plantar fascia, a band of tissue running underneath the sole of the foot, thickens over time causing pain and discomfort.

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Bespoke insoles for common injuries

Podfo combines innovative technology and biomechanical expertise to produce high quality bespoke biometric insoles that are designed to meet individual needs.

Bespoke insoles can be used to help aid recovery, through improving the function of the injured or vulnerable tissues and in assist in the reduction of tissue strain.

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Can I wash my orthotic insoles?

A common concern you might have when choosing insoles is whether or not they are hygienic and easy to clean.

Insoles are notoriously poor with regards to their hygiene, but machine-washable Podfo is different. Find out how to clean your insole here.

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