Unique Progressive Flex® technology

Progressive Flex®, available in the medial and lateral areas of Podfo, is designed to provide flex as well as offloading pressure from targeted areas of the foot. Thanks to our 3D technology, you can now finely tune Podfo to the needs of your patient without compromising the structural integrity or the prescriptive functionality of the orthotic.

Medial Progressive Flex® is designed to offload the medial side of the foot. This enhances or replaces the effect of a lateral post in some individuals and comes with a range options.

Lateral Progressive Flex® is designed to offload the lateral side of the foot. This enhances or replaces the effect of a medial post in some individuals and comes in a range of options 

Progressive Flex has the potential to help with a range of conditions that you will see in your clinic. Contact us to find out more.

Multiple prescriptive possibilities

Depending upon the needs of your patient, some traditional orthoses can be too bulky and uncomfortable for your patient to wear.  As a result, you may find yourself compromising their treatment solution in order to accommodate the orthotic fit.

Our sophisticated 3D technology provides you with the freedom to prescribe the right orthotic treatment for your patient without having to make such compromises.  Your prescription for your patient’s treatment can be as simple or as complex as you require.

You provide us with an orthotic prescription and impressions of your patient’s feet and we combine this information to design and manufacture Podfo, a seamless bespoke orthotic that is up to 50% lighter than some other traditional orthotics.

Improve your patient compliance

Listening to what you patient wants in a custom insole is an important part of deciding upon which type of orthotic would best suit their needs. We spoke to 645 insole users, of which 70% told us that they were unhappy with their current solution, because:

• They wore out too quickly
• They were difficult to keep fresh and keep clean
• They were uncomfortable to wear
• They didn’t fit in their shoes

When we designed Podfo we carefully considered their voiced opinions. That is why Podfo were designed with the following patient friendly features:

Durability: Podfo are tested to withstand the equivalent of 25 back to back ultra-marathons without any deterioration in the support they offer. Proven to withstand sub-zero temperatures, your patient can wear Podfo to conquer the highest mountain climb.

Hygienic: Our exclusive Geometric Hole Orthotic Support Technology (GHOST) allows your patients feet to breathe and drains moisture away, providing a hygienic insole solution. Podfo can be washed with a non-abrasive cloth in warm soapy water or placed in your dishwasher at temperatures as high as 60°C.

Seamless Structure: Our trials show that Podfo’s seamless design and precision fit provides your patient with improved comfort and support. The light and slim insole is designed for the closest fit to foot – whatever your active footwear, Podfo fits.