“Podfo orthoses allow me to differentiate on how I treat my patient because I can use newer mechanical theory and apply current practice to a long lasting custom made orthotic.”

Steph Owen, SO Podiatry

“Patients look to us for help with pelvic, hip or back problems. Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Patell Tendinopathy and ITB syndrome to name but a few. They want relief from their pain and we find Podfo to be the most effective orthotic solution to meet their needs.”

Kevin Kennedy, Gosforth Physio and Wellness

“I use Podfo in my clinic because, as medical practitioners, we should be at the forefront of technology as much as possible to give our patient the best possible product.”

Emma Price, Supafoot

Colin Papworth, Accelerate – Holywell Healthcare

Podfo provides me with the freedom to prescribe the way I want! Podfo is a superior custom orthotic. Because of its reduced bulk, it allows for a much better fit in a variety of footwear, while at the same time providing the freedom to prescribe the way I want. When trying to change biomechanical function, this is important, and the versatility of features that Podfo offers allows for a greater number of effective prescriptive options.

I have now been working with and using Podfo for over a year in the clinic with excellent results. In the past, I have seen people struggle to wear orthotics. However, I find that my patients are surprised at how comfortable Podfo are. This comfort enhances my patient’s compliance in their use of foot orthoses, and I see overall improved results in the clinic as a result.

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