Winter is coming! For those that enjoy getting on their feet and experiencing the great outdoors, the winter weather doesn’t have to keep you cooped up inside. There is still a range of activities that offer you a chance to get out and about.

Running, walking, skiing, and snowboarding, whatever your level, are great sports to participate in, and also a fantastic way to engage with mother nature during the colder months. For those that are restricted in these outdoor pursuits due to painful conditions and biomechanical issues with their feet, custom orthotics, such as, Podfo could help. Here’s how:

Custom orthotics for winter walking, running, and trail running:

The weather in the winter can be extreme, and more often than not cause either muddy or icy conditions making it slippy for those that run and walk. The gear you wear for the summer won’t necessarily provide you with the grip you need. Getting a pair of winter running shoes or winter walking boots that improve traction is a good start towards staying on your feet. BUT having  custom orthotic insoles can also help. They can help to further stabilise your feet and provide an improved, comfortable fit.
Did you know that Podfo Bespoke Biometric Insoles are designed to a precise imprint of your feet and adapted to your unique requirements? Find out how to get a pair here!

Custom orthotics for skiing and snowboarding:

Skiing and snowboarding place your feet into a very different position than a standard pair of shoes and requires different biomechanical movements than running or walking. For those that suffer from problems in the arch of their foot, these fabulous sports can become very painful. Any biomechanical imbalance can misdirect any force placed through the feet, ankles, knees, and hips.

A pair of custom orthotics can help support the foot and align the foot, directing the force correctly, ultimately leading to improved comfort and more enjoyment out on the slopes.
Did you know that there are approximately 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet, and they excrete as much as half a pint of moisture each day? For those wearing warm ski boots and boarding boots, this can cause a lovely damp environment. Podfo’s ghost® technology drains moisture away, helping to keep your feet comfortable and dry in your ski boots. Find out more about Podfo here.