Dan, a keen sportsman suffering from pain caused by fallen arches, struggled to find custom insoles that would fit into his cycling shoes.  Podfo changed all that!

I consider myself to be a very active person.  I enjoy walking, cycling, running, and boxing, to name just a few of my pastimes.  However, I suffer from weak arches in my feet and am prone to pain after extended periods of sport in my hip and knee.  So, to eliminate the pain, I wear orthotic insoles and have done for several years now. Without their support, I simply couldn’t continue to do the things I enjoy the most.

The only previous problem I have had with orthotics is that I haven’t been able to fit them into all my sports shoes.   When I have purchased a new pair of shoes or trainers, I have also had to have a new pair of custom insoles made to fit the shoe.   It has cost me a fair amount.

Recently I needed some new custom orthotics.   I decided to look for a pair that I could transfer between my cycle, work, training, and walking shoes.  After some googling around, I came across Podfo Bespoke Biometric Insoles.

The technology behind the product impressed me.  It allows each Podfo produced to be designed around the unique surface of an individuals foot and incorporates the relevant medical support required for that individual.   In addition to this, because the company only use the best materials, their custom insoles are highly durable and incredibly hygienic.   As a result, I decided to give them a go.

I usually have to adjust a little to my new orthotics, but my Podfo’s were extremely comfortable from the get-go.  Six weeks in I am wearing them in most of my different sports shoes, including my cycling shoes, which are very slim fitting.   They are incredibly comfortable, hardwearing, and so easy to keep clean.  To coin a phrase “they do what it says on the tin”!

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