A 24 year old male golf professional, playing 36 holes of golf 3-5 times per week, was experiencing pain in his lower back and in the left lateral forefoot.

A visual analogue pain scale was recorded before the orthoses were fitted and received a lower back pain score of worst of 7 during golf and 9 outside of golf. The subjects left lateral foot pain received a score at worst of 6 during golf and 5 outside of golf.


A gait analysis showed that the force generated in the golf swing, combined with the subject’s particular limitations provoked the symptoms the patient was experiencing.


Podfo was prescribed to meet the patient’s needs. It was deemed resilient enough to withstand long hours of standing without change of orthoses properties.

Furthermore, it was viewed as being slim and comfortable to work in appropriate footwear complementing the patient’s walking as well as the needs of the golf swing.


At a follow up appointment, 4 weeks later, the patient reported 0/10 pain scores on all factors for lower back pain and the left lateral foot pain.

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