A previously healthy 17-year-old female suffered with pain in both knees for three weeks without any previous trauma or similar symptoms.An initial screening showed no signs of injury, so she visited a podiatrist to see if there was a biomechanical explanation for the pain.


A gait analysis showed that the patient had a flexible flat foot which was causing a blockage in the metatarsal joint.This diagnosis meant that a collapse of the medial arch needed to be treated.


As the patient was an athlete who played field hockey, any treatment needed to take in to account sporting conditions and features of the hockey shoe.

Podfo bespoke biometric insoles ticked all the boxes as they are waterproof, washable, hygienic and comfortable.The structure was strong enough to control the medial arch and reduce the pain while also having the flexibility to support natural movement.


Within one month, the patient had noticed an improvement of 80{74bbc58de44a7cf42a81943eb30911e9981d1d816b5612242f56e529e473c5f2} and within three months the knee pain had disappeared. During the next six months, the knee pain did not return, the insoles remained in perfect condition, there was no evidence of incorrect function of the midfoot joint and the patient reported no problems with Podfo’s compatibility with her hockey shoes.

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