Chris Green, a martial arts enthusiast, suffered from debilitating back pain for 8 years.  Having tried several therapies he eventually sought the help of a podiatrist who recommended Podfo.

Read Chris’s story below…

8 years ago I started to experience discomfort in my lower back which over time became acute and intense with the slightest movement. I had to give up my training towards a second degree black belt along with a number of other activities that required me to walk or stand for periods of time. I became sedentary, my social life suffered, and, with the lack of balance in my life, I experienced intense frustration and stress.

I had tried several therapies in the past to help ease the pain. Some didn’t help at all and those that did only kept the discomfort at bay for a brief spell. Eventually I approached a local podiatrist who specialised in biomechanics.

After an initial consultation and full biomechanical assessment I was told that I was bow legged and this in turn was causing me to excessively pronate, the overall resulting symptom was lower back pain caused by an anterior pelvic tilt. I was prescribed a pair of Podfo based upon my specific needs and provided with a rehab programme with the aim of getting me pain free again.

Previously walking at a slow pace would cause me discomfort and stiffness but within a month of following my rehabilitation plan, and using Podfo, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the discomfort I experienced had disappeared.

Now I am looking forward to the future and getting back to being fighting fit once again.Find out more about our custom insoles today.