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“I find Podfo’s bespoke insoles extremely comfortable & easy to keep clean”

A retired Army Officer from Newcastle upon Tyne suffered from ankle pain and struggled to find an orthotic durable enough to meet the demands of his active lifestyle. Until he tried Podfo…

Read his story below…

My problems started several years into army life when I began experiencing ankle pain during and after PT (Physical Training). My regimental physio provided me with a pair of orthotics which helped, however as you can imagine my feet took a pounding on land, on sand and through the mud, and it is fair to say my orthotics soon resembled something that looked like the dog’s dinner.

Having retired from the army, I continued to suffer some discomfort, particularly on the occasions when I pushed myself physically, and I would always feel the impact on my ankles for days after. This was most dissatisfactory as I love my sport, particularly football, and I found myself having to withdraw from the game.

A family member recommended Podfo, and I found a Podfo supplier in Newcastle. The service I received was exceptional from start to finish, I was provided with a treatment plan and a pair of Podfo, that were designed around my battered old army feet. I find them extremely comfortable and easy to keep clean. Having worn them now for two months, the support they offer means that I can play my football again without any pain or discomfort.

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