Jacqueline Etherington from County Durham, is a keen athlete having competed in many renowned events including the British Masters Steeplechase Championships. After suffering from re-occurring calf and hamstring injuries, Jacqueline was recommended a Podfo.

Read Jacqueline’s story below…

I have been running since I was ten, as a junior athlete representing Scotland in the Heptathlon and subsequently representing my clubs at
national events the whole of my life.

Around 5 years ago I had trouble with re-occurring calf and hamstring injuries and as a result huge discomfort when running. Having sought
medical help from a number of disciplines and trying several different pairs of orthotics without any improvement, I hit a wall. My confidence
levels in what I could achieve were at an all-time low.

In May of 2016 my husband recommended that I visit a qualified medical professional to see if they could help in any way.
After an initial assessment with a podiatrist, addressing over pronation and limited ankle dorsiflexion, I was provided with my Podfo.

By June I was back to training. Instantly I could feel the difference in my gait during running and felt that I had far less restricted movement
than I had previously; post training fatigue and recovery times improved but most importantly I stopped feeling any discomfort.

My confidence began to return knowing that I was pain free and in comfort and I started to increase my intensity of training,
pushing myself to the limit.

By September of that year I came 3rd in the Great North 5K, taking 30 seconds of my 2008 personal best. This was followed by a 1st in the
British Masters Steeplechase Championships, and in 2017 I returned to the Great North 5k and crossed the finish line in 1st position.

My Podfo go wherever I go now. In fact, in March 2018 I will be representing Great Britain in the European Indoor Masters Championships…
you can guarantee my Podfo will be there with me.

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