Founder of an established North East running group is enjoying running again thanks to Podfo!

For as long as I can remember, long distance running has been my passion. I run daily and was distressed when I began to experience toe and hip pain during training.

While I endured the discomfort for several months, my enjoyment of running completely disappeared. The pain continued after training and I found my sleep disrupted as a result.

After unsuccessfully trying to manage the pain with custom insoles, I decided to visit a Podfo supplier in Gosforth who conducted a full physio, biomechanical and gait assessment. They found that the pain I was experiencing was caused by excessive pronation and by a Mortons Neuroma (a benign growth on my intermetatarsal plantar nerve).

At the appointment, I was provided with a full treatment plan, my Podfo and advice on how to allow my body to adjust to the wearing of my Podfo.

Once I had gotten used to wearing my Podfo I was soon back to running 10 miles with ease. I am pleased to say my hip pain has subsided dramatically, and my sleep has improved considerably.

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