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“I was soon back to running 10 miles with ease after using Podfo’s sports insoles”

Founder of an established North East running group is enjoying running again thanks to Podfo!

For as long as I can remember, long distance running has been my passion. I run daily and was distressed when I began to experience toe and hip pain during training.

While I endured the discomfort for several months, my enjoyment of running completely disappeared. The pain continued after training and I found my sleep disrupted as a result.

After unsuccessfully trying to manage the pain with custom insoles, I decided to visit a Podfo supplier in Gosforth who conducted a full physio, biomechanical and gait assessment. They found that the pain I was experiencing was caused by excessive pronation and by a Mortons Neuroma (a benign growth on my intermetatarsal plantar nerve).

At the appointment, I was provided with a full treatment plan, my Podfo and advice on how to allow my body to adjust to the wearing of my Podfo.

Once I had gotten used to wearing my Podfo I was soon back to running 10 miles with ease. I am pleased to say my hip pain has subsided dramatically, and my sleep has improved considerably.

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