Jonathon Richardson, a professional golfer, suffered from leg, lower back and foot pain. He had tried various orthotics with no relief, until he was recommended Podfo’s sports insoles.

Read Jonathon’s story below…

I have been playing golf since I was a small child and have recently turned professional.  Around two years ago I started to experience lower back, leg and foot pain on the golf course and as a result I found myself subconsciously restricting my golf swing to compensate for the discomfort I was feeling.  In addition to this, the time I spent in recovery after particularly challenging competitions, increased dramatically.  When I found myself in back to back rounds my golf bag felt like it was dragging me down.   It all came to a head around 8 months ago when the pain became so intense that I considered giving up golf altogether.

In October 2017 I visited Podfo supplier, The North East Foot Centre, in Newcastle. David, the lead podiatrist, conducted a full biomechanical and gait analysis. He found that the pain and discomfort I was feeling was caused by a combination of the powerful downward force of my golf swing and my own biomechanical limitations. I was provided with Podfo as part of my recovery plan.

The results were almost instantaneous – two days after my fitting I found myself facing, once again, a Pro-Am competition and wondering what the physical impact would be.  My concern was unfounded, not only was I physically less fatigued but my recovery time between games had vastly reduced. Two months on and my lower back, leg and foot discomfort disappeared altogether.

Having used other types of orthotics in the past I have found them ineffective.  I am pleased to say that my Podfo are now supporting me through every round. It feels fantastic to be able to take each swing with unrestricted confidence.