Podfo combines innovative technology and biomechanical expertise to produce high quality, custom corrective insoles, also known as foot orthotics, that are designed to meet the biomechanical needs of individuals.

Podfo is a bespoke biometric insole that is inserted into your shoe and when used as part of a medically recommended treatment plan, can provide improved comfort, enhanced biomechanical performance and corrective foot control whilst supporting natural movement.


Podfo are used by clinicians to modify your biomechanics or correct an identified biomechanical problem to help alleviate any foot, ankle, knee, hip or shin pain you may have, or generally, provide functional changes to the way that you move.

We offer clinicians a range of advanced prescriptive features, including our unique Progressive Flex, that can be built into the overall design of your Podfo to help improve your comfort and use of custom insoles daily.

In addition to these features, we have designed Podfo with a range of patient-friendly features.

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Here’s what to expect when you see a qualified and medically trained orthotist, podiatrist or physiotherapist.

Your consultation will involve soft tissue analysis and a gait analysis to identify any biomechanical abnormalities in the way you walk or run. The gait analysis will look at your joints and bone movement whilst you walk and will allow your podiatrist/physiotherapist to assess your individual requirements.

A precise scan, imprint or cast is taken of the foot and this data is used, in combination with your assessment, to ensure that the insole is bespoke to your individual prescription as well as your plantar surface and can fully meet your needs.

Your Podfo can provide corrective foot control while supporting natural movement, allowing you to be more active.

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