Our sole purpose at Podfo is to keep people moving so that they can remain active, healthy and enjoy life.   We take great pride in creating what we consider to be one of the most advanced orthotic insoles available.

We were therefore delighted to read about the results that Nick Hallissey, Deputy Editor of Country Walking Magazine,  has experienced with the use our orthotic insoles,  as well as the outstanding service he received from one of the fantastic clinics we work with.

Here is a taster or what Nick had to say,   you can read more in the latest edition of Country Walking magazine, out now!

“Several months after receiving my Podfo, I would hardly dream of setting foot outside without them. They move easily between my casual shoes, walking trainers and mountain boots. My stride is more comfortable, I develop far fewer aches and pains, and they’ve encouraged me to stop hyperextending and locking my knees backwards when standing still. The upshot is less pain and a genuinely deeper enjoyment of walking. I kind of realise what I was missing for 42 years”  Nick Hallissey , Deputy Editor, Country Walking Magazine.


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