We are delighted to announce the start of an educational programme for clinicians with an interest in the use of 3D custom orthoses in the treatment of their patients. Custom orthotics

The programme kicks off with “Podiatric Biomechanics – A Practical Workshop” on September the 25th 2019 in the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne, the home of Podfo.    It will be the first of many different educational events tailored to Podiatrists, Physiotherapists or Orthotists who have an interest in using 3D custom insoles in the treatment of their patients.

This first workshop is a highly practical training day which will deliver a mixture of theory, live case studies and facilitated discussions to enable clinicians to:


  • Refresh and develop their knowledge in static and dynamic podiatric biomechanical assessment.
  • Gain a greater understanding of the use of Podfo orthoses in the rehabilitation and treatment of their patients.
  • Learn how to prescribe Podfo orthoses with ease.

Registration for the event is limited as we consider a small friendly class important to encourage full participation and discussions. Please contact us now to find out more and to reserve your space.

UPDATE: We are now FULLY BOOKED for our September workshop.  We will be running more in the future.  Contact Us now to add your name to our waiting list and we shall be in touch with further information on our 2020 dates. 

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