Mr Rasberry, a retired maintenance engineer who suffers from Pes Planus,  has spent most of his working life on his feet with a pair of custom insoles under them.  Having recently tried Podfo Bespoke Biometric Insoles he is delighted with the results….  custom insoles

I have worn custom orthotics for most of my working life and into my retirement.  As a maintenance engineer for a RAF contractor and then for the NHS, I spent most days working on my feet. I enjoyed a career that allowed me to travel throughout the world and tolerated the minor aches and pains that came with the physical nature of my job.  What started as a small niggle in my left knee developed over time into a persistent ache in my knee and hip.

“My flat feet were causing me pain in my knee and hip.”

A visit to see an NHS podiatrist for a different foot-related problem uncovered the cause of my pain; Pes Planus (Flat Feet).  A leg length discrepancy, impacting the way that I walked, also placed significant pressure on my knee and hip. To support the arch of my foot and correct my leg length difference, I was prescribed a pair of custom orthotics.

As a result of the orthotics, the aches I had previously experienced disappeared. Subsequently, throughout the rest of my working life and into retirement, I have continued to wear various types of foot orthotics.

“Podfo are lightweight and slim and are the most comfortable custom insole I have ever worn.”

Due to the nature of the support I require in my custom insoles I have, however, often found them bulky and heavy in my shoe. Due to their rigid nature, they have also been a little on the uncomfortable side at times.

On a recent trip to visit friends in Newcastle, I spotted and picked up a leaflet on Podfo. I needed replacement orthotics, so I contacted Podfo Ltd who promptly provided me with the name of a foot clinic local to me in Norfolk. The team there assessed my individual needs during an initial consultation and prescribed and fitted me with a pair of Podfo.

I have to say that I am delighted with the outcome. Podfo are lightweight and incredibly slim compared to my previous insoles. I find it easier to walk without the bulk of some of the custom orthotics I have previously used. The hygienic nature of the product is a bonus too.   Above all else, they are incredibly comfortable to wear every day. Thanks to their Progressive Flex, I can enjoy retirement and my beautiful garden.

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