Peter Davidson is 72 years old and has suffered from juvenile arthritis since childhood. In recent years, despite wearing orthotics, the joint pains in his ankles worsened. He was then recommended Podfo.

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I’ve had severe joint problems since a young age which has resulted in every joint being replaced except for my right knee. I have worn insoles for a number of years, however in recent years my joint pain has only gotten worse – in fact I have been restricted with the activities I can do.  About 18 months ago, my chiropodist advised that I visited a podiatrist to get my insoles checked as he had identified that my ankles turned in significantly.

I was still having issues after visiting my podiatrist and was recommended to try Podfo. In February 2018 I visited Podfo supplier, Gosforth Physio & Wellness and the podiatrist conducted a full biomechanical and gait analysis. They found that my right leg was 12mm shorter than my left leg which was quite remarkable as I had always been told that it was 7mm shorter! I was provided with Podfo as part of my treatment plan.

Podfo has helped to correct my posture and the way I walk, I now do pilates and have more flexibility in my ankle joints. Also, simple tasks like walking are less painful on my spine which means I can now walk in comfort.Podfo has helped to improve my lifestyle both physically and mentally, as the physical benefits it has given me means I have much more confidence to push myself and be active.

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