In 2016, I fractured both calcaneum (heel bones) during a terrible accident. Following on from my recovery, I had been prescribed soft foam orthotics to help with the discomfort I felt when I walked. However, the solution only provided short term relief.

Working in a hotel involved being on my feet all day and despite wearing my orthotics regularly, I continued to experience severe pain. By the end of each working day I was severally debilitated and felt disappointed that the orthotics I had been given offered little to no support.

I was interested in the benefits of 3D printed orthotics and found out about Podfo online. After I sourced a supplier, I attended an initial assessment where I was prescribed Podfo as part of my treatment plan.  Within a couple of weeks of wearing my Podfo and following the advice given by the podiatrist, I noticed a significant difference in my discomfort and two months later the pain I had been experiencing had completely disappeared.  I am pleased to say that I can now walk with significant ease once more.

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