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Designed and manufactured using specialist advanced technology, our custom insoles boast a range of features to benefit you.


Podfo can provide corrective foot control while supporting natural movement to help reduce the risk of pain or injury when standing, walking or running.


Podfo are tested to withstand the equivalent of 25 back to back ultra-marathons without any deterioration in the support they offer.
Proven to withstand subzero temperatures, you can wear Podfo to conquer the highest moutain climb .


Our exclusive Geometric Hole Orthotic Support Technology (GHOST) allows your feet to breathe and drains moisture away, providing a hygienic insole solution. Podfo can be washed with a nonabrasive cloth in warm soapy water or placed in your dishwasher at temperatures as high as 60°C.


The light and slim design offers you the closest fit to foot, this can provide improved comfort to enhance your quality of life.

Bespoke Fit

Designed to a precise scan, imprint or cast of your feet - your Podfo Supplier can adapt the insole to suit your individual requirements.

Seamless Structure

Our trials show that Podfo’s seamless design and precision fit provides you with improved comfort and support. The light and slim insole is designed for the closest fit to foot and whatever your active footwear, Podfo fits.

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