Professor Jim Richards, Professor in Biomechanics and Dr. Graham Chapman, a Research Fellow at the University of Central Lancashire, are to headline at Podfo’s Biomechanics and Prescription Workshop on the 28th and 29th of November.

The workshop is to be held at the Engineering Innovation Centre (EIC) of the University of Central Lancashire.  It has been designed for Orthotists who prescribe Functional Foot Orthoses (FFOs) and it provides expert knowledge and insight into the use, prescription and effect of FFOs on biomechanics.

The two day event will be led by Prof Richards with input from Dr. Chapman, both of whom are experts in the field of biomechanics, biomechanical assessment and the management of orthopaedic and neurological conditions.    Seminars and demonstrations at the workshop will:

  • Discuss the theory of how orthoses can change foot biomechanics.
  • Demonstrate, using Motion Capture and Force Analysis, the effects that Podfo orthoses have upon a patient’s biomechanics.
  • Provide an introduction to Electromyography (EMG) and its potential application in assessing the function of Functional Foot Orthoses (FFO’s).
  • Update clinicians on the design and prescription rationale behind Podfo.
  • Highlight Podfo’s clinical evaluation and results to date.

Elaine Hall, MD of Podfo said of the event, “Podfo’s sole purpose is to keep patients moving, and as such our product has been designed to help clinicians improve the outcome of the treatment of their patients.  Podfo continues to evolve to provide clinicians with one of the most technologically advanced foot orthoses on the market.  We are proud to have Professor Jim Richards and Dr. Graham Chapman demonstrating the capabilities of our product in this workshop”.

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