sports insolesHere at Podfo Ltd we have a passion to enhance your health and wellbeing and we work with clinicians to get you back to moving more naturally, in comfort and pain free. Utilising our industry leading 3D technology and advanced manufacturing, we provide clinicians with greater prescriptive possibilities and improved variable flexibility in an orthotic solution that helps to meet your treatment needs.

Since our launch in March of this year, our innovation has been featured in The Telegraph’s 70 ways to save the NHS, which highlighted the innovative nature of Podfo and its ability to improve your comfort and ensure your ongoing corrective orthotic support, through its highly durable and hygienic design. We have also been featured in The News Med, Assistive Technology, THIIS and Northern Golf with more great coverage to follow in the next few months.

Over the past few months, we have also received fantastic feedback from Podfo wearers who are either overcoming sporting injuries, need correction of biomechanical imbalances or who are suffering from medical conditions that are inhibiting their movement. To read some of our success stories click here. These stories inspire us to continue with our commitment to ensuring that Podfo is available to everyone and we have been busy building a network of clinicians to provide you with greater access to our product.

Education on how Podfo can help you has been our priority recently and we have been out and about with our Podfo Roadshow at various events including the Great Exhibition of The North and The North East Children’s Cancer Charity Run. At these events we have provided you with a chance to meet some of the foot specialists that we work with, and to learn more about how our bespoke insoles can help to correct biomechanical problems that can lead to knee, leg, hip, and lower back pains. Our roadshow continues in the next two months with a visit to the Worcester City Run on the 16th of September and the Kielder Marathon on the 6th and 7th of November. Come and see us if you are there!

The whole team here at Podfo would like to thank all who have supported us over the past six months. It has been fantastic to receive such great feedback from the clinicians, wearers and press, and to be recognised as a North East innovator. This is just the start of our journey. We look forward to hearing more success stories and to continuing to build our Podfo network.

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