Everyday life involves standing, walking, running or for some, taking part in even more strenuous activities. Our feet take a lot of the impact, resulting in pain and discomfort that can make life less enjoyable.

Insoles are removable devices that are designed to fit inside a shoe. The benefits of insoles vary depending on whether they are mass made or bespoke – they can either provide simple comfort cushioning in a shoe, help to prevent and treat discomfort and pain caused by poor foot biomechanics or improve overall biomechanical performance.

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What are off the shelf insoles and what do they do?

“Off-the-shelf” insoles are mass produced insoles which can be purchased from your local supermarket, shoe shop or pharmacy. Available in a range of shoe sizes they can be trimmed to fit your shoe and, depending on the material they are made from, can offer cushioning or firmer support for your feet.

What are bespoke insoles and what do they do?

Custom made and bespoke insoles, otherwise known as orthotics, are usually worn to correct foot and ankle problems that can cause lower limb, knee, hip and lower back problems. These are purchased through a qualified healthcare professional, typically a podiatrist or orthotist. The healthcare professional will assess the biomechanics of an individual and will sometimes provide a custom made or bespoke orthotic which can be used to support natural movement and help prevent or treat injury or pain caused by poor foot biomechanics.

How do I know if I need insoles?

If you have symptoms in your feet, ankles, hips or your lower back which have started to cause you pain, it is recommended that you seek advice from a qualified podiatrist or healthcare professional – they will be able to identify your insole requirements.

What are Podfo bespoke biometric insoles?

Podfo is a bespoke biometric insole that when prescribed by a Podfo Supplier, a qualified and medically-trained healthcare professional, can provide corrective foot and ankle control while supporting natural movement, allowing users to be more active.

Your consultation with a Podfo Supplier will involve soft tissue analysis and a gait analysis to identify any biomechanical abnormalities in the way you walk or run. The gait analysis will look at your joints and bone movement whilst you walk and will allow your Podfo Supplier to assess your individual requirements.

A precise scan, imprint or cast is taken of the foot and this data is used, in combination with your assessment, to ensure your Podfo is bespoke to your individual prescription and is unique to your plantar surface.

What injuries can bespoke insoles help me with?

Bespoke biometric insoles can help to prevent and treat a wide range of foot, ankle and back conditions. Excessive pronation is one of the most common conditions we see in clinisc. This can lead to a number of injuries including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, Patello-femoral pain syndrome, and shin splints to name but a few.

The list of injuries and conditions bespoke biometric insoles can help treat is extensive, if you suffer from pain or injury to your feet, ankles or lower back your Podfo Supplier will be able to diagnose the condition and recommend the best treatment plan for you.

Why choose Podfo biometric insoles?

Just like a fingerprint, every footprint is entirely unique to the individual and as such every Podfo that we design and manufacture is completely different. Whilst custom made insoles are usually adapted from standardised foot templates matched to a cast, scan or imprint of the foot, Podfo are bespoke to your unique plantar surface. This allows for a much more accurate fit to your foot which according to our most recent trial, further enhances your overall comfort.

How is Podfo designed?

Made using our advanced manufacturing software design and exclusive GHOST technology (Geometric Hole Orthotic Support Technology), Podfo is contoured to the unique features of your feet, providing the closest fit to foot to enhance your biomechanical performance.

Will they fit any shoe?

Podfo’s light and slim biometric insole is designed for the closest fit to foot. Whatever your active footwear – from ski boots and running shoes to hiking boots and golf shoes, Podfo will fit!

How long do they last?

Podfo is a long lasting and durable insole solution. They are tested to withstand the equivalent of 25 back to back marathons without any deterioration in support.

Do I need to wear them all day?

Your Podfo Supplier will be able to advise you on when and for how long you need to wear your Podfo.

How do you wash Podfo?

Podfo can be simply washed with a nonabrasive cloth in warm soapy water. Alternatively, unlike most other orthotics, Podfo can be washed safely in your dishwasher at temperatures as high as 60°C without any impact to their shape or form!